• Fall Meal Plan for Another Busy Week

    This past week we celebrated the end of my son’s soccer season with a fun game of parents against the kids. It was crazy. There were about 15 adults and 15 kids on an almost-dark field, at times with two balls in play. And neither kids nor adults took it easy on each other. And we had a blast.

    Beautiful sunset

    Beautiful…but too dark for soccer!

    Since my daughter’s soccer league ended the previous week, we are officially done with soccer.

    For the season.

    Kind of. I guess if you don’t count the three-game tournament my son is in this weekend, then we’re done.

    At least for ten days until his indoor soccer league starts. Oh, and today he decided he wants to play basketball. And my daughter wants to swim and dance. And there goes our free nights during the week. It was really nice while it lasted. We had time to make dinners that take a bit of attention, eat together and play or relax before bedtime. I read more with my daughter, which is something we missed most evenings as they rushed off to bed.

    So, for the rest of the year, we are limiting how many weeknight activities we’ll let interfere with family dinners and evenings together. The holidays are quickly approaching and it’ll be January before you know it. I know that I say this about summer vacation too, but this is the time of year that I want to slow down and savor. Every year we have a list of new things we want to do, and traditions that we want to honor. Our calendar gets crazy and busy.

    So, I’ll do what I can to not overcommit. Or at least I’ll try. My husband has also reminded me that I should leave any empty calendar days as such so that we can hang out and relax together. Maybe get Monopoly out or bake together. That sounds so nice and there’s a commitment-free day on the calendar coming up.

    Our weekly menu

    This week brings a day off from school for Veteran’s Day, a bit of travel for myself, and soccer Friday night. Since Friday night is usually our family night with either board games or a movie after dinner, soccer is making early dinner a bit of a challenge. For Friday Night Ribs, I don’t feel comfortable leaving the oven on while we’re out so I’ll use my electrical roasting oven which I can program and set to be ready when we want to eat dinner. It’s not an appliance I use often because I forget that we have it but it’s perfect for a dinner like this!

    Italian pizza like papa makes

    One of our favorite pizzas: Italian pizza like Papa makes with everyone’s favorite toppings

    Here’s our menu plan for the week. What are you enjoying this week?

    Monday – Pizza night at kid’s request

    Tuesday – Pasta (the kids love pasta for school lunch)

    Wednesday – Mummy’s Ramen Noodles

    Thursday – Lettuce wraps with something really simple like this quinoa, black beans and corn mix

    Friday – BBQ ribs, quinoa and roasted squash

    Have a great week everyone!

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