• When Frozen Foods Are Best

    We try to eat fruit and vegetables based on what’s growing in the Northwest during the season, but right now our ground is frozen and we are months (many) away from anything green growing around here. Even the moss dripping from our trees are frozen.

    But this doesn’t mean we stop eating fruit and vegetables. We still have lots of apples and root vegetables at the market so we’ll buy those up. Broccoli, bananas and lettuce are staples that buy pretty much year round. And for most everything else we turn to frozen organic options rather than imports from south of the equator.

    So, while we’d rather have this…

    Fresh Berries

    But, we’ll take these the rest of the year because we love our NW berries…

    We love Cascadian Farms' frozen produce and feel good about supporting a Northwest farm

    We love Cascadian Farms’ frozen produce and feel good about supporting a Northwest farm

    This article from the Daily Meal on 8 frozen foods worthy buying is a good guide, but needs a few asterisks to help guide us. The biggest note is that cooking with frozen vegetables is different than fresh. So if you’re going to roast broccoli or cauliflower, you’re going to get more moisture from the frozen variety which will impact the degree of crispiness you’ll achieve.

    Obviously you cannot make a spinach salad with frozen spinach – but you can make a really good vegetable scramble or spinach dip!

    And the cherries or bell peppers will lose their firmness when they defrost. Use them in a recipe and you’re set! But if you’re looking to enjoy most of these fruits and vegetables raw, you might be disappointed.

    When do you turn to frozen foods?

    Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.28.35 PM

    Frozen spinach block

    ps. I have to admit that this picture from the slide show of the “square” spinach brought back some serious memories from my childhood. I’m really not sure how old I was when I realized what spinach looks like in its natural, just-picked state because this is how my parents bought it.

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