• Valentine Treats That Are Natural and Sweet

    Our snow is finally melting after keeping us close to home for more than four days. It was a beautiful scene to watch from the warmth of our home each day, and we made lots of memories sledding down our hill with neighbors.

    Snow fun with Patrick

    Each day my son asked if we could walk to our friend’s house for her special marshmallows. We had natural, dye-free marshmallows in our pantry and they live three hilly miles away – and we had about a foot of snow on the ground. This would be no easy task, and he was well aware of that, but it’s what he asked to do each of four days.

    It intrigued me that he was willing to go to such efforts over marshmallows when we had some at home. As we took a snowy walk one day so that I could prove to him just how tiring it would be to walk only half a mile, I asked about this desire.

    He explained to me that “homemade” means its the very best and he knows that everything our friend Katie, founder of Happiness by the Jar, makes always tastes amazing. He’s right. Her cashews and almonds enter our house and just as quickly vanish. And he won’t eat another granola after trying her Totally Natural and Mostly Organic Granola.

    Happiness Marshmallows

    And, I’m told by this wise-beyond-his-ten-years son of mine that nothing goes better with homemade hot chocolate than homemade marshmallows. I can’t disagree! Especially when it comes to Katie’s all-naturalĀ Tickle-Me-Pink Marshmallows.

    Guess what this sweet boy is getting for Valentine’s day this week?

    ps. These sweet treats aren’t just for Valentine’s Day – order some today and enjoy with homemade hot cocoa to see for yourself!

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