• Dinner Special: Our First Chinese Takeout

    A few weeks ago we watched a movie where the family ate Chinese takeout for dinner. It was so reminiscent of my own childhood where my parents would stop on their way home to pick up egg foo young, moo goo gai pan and chow mein, mmm… and some egg rolls.

    And at that moment it hit me: my kids have never experienced Chinese takeout. Opening the little white boxes to discover what was inside, serving up family style at the table and going back for seconds on your favorites. I’m not exactly sure why it’s that different from the usual weeknight dinner, but for some reason it felt a little special when I was a kid. Little did I know back then that it was one of the easiest dinner nights for my  mom!

    Chinese Takeout

    Well, I couldn’t deny my kids any longer so it went on the meal plan for the week: Chinese takeout.


    We found one of the best rated places in our area, which was a bit of a drive but worth it. The owner couldn’t have been more pleasant, and even offered me tea or a cocktail while I waited for our food.

    Chinese takeout 3

    It was delicious. And the kids enjoyed the experience. My son loved that there were leftovers for lunch the next day.

    Chinese takeout 2

    And yes, it was the easiest dinner that night!

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