Inspiration for Family Meals

Our inspiration for food and healthy eating comes from many different places. Here are a few of the friends, sites and other resources that supply me with new ideas and I’ll share more as they come along.

Simple Bites  Aimee and I share a love of serving our families good, simple, healthy food. Her recipes have inspired me many times to spend time in my kitchen doing what I love.

Inspired RD  Alysa is a dietitan and mom who shares her wisdom to help other parents cook up healthy food for our fmailies.

Today I Ate A Rainbow  Every parent struggles to get their kids to eat more fruits and veggies, and Kia has this great kit with a book, fun refridgerator magnet, and other tools to help.

Simple Scratch Cooking  Jennie brings her passion to these pages to help people see how simple and realistic it can be to cook from scratch.

Little Locavores  Melissa works hard daily to let people know about the importance of eating fresh, local, real food.

Food For My Family  I really appreciate Shaina’s approach to feeding her family. She’s all about fresh, local, simple food.

Robyn O’Brien  Passionate mom author of The Unhealthy Truth who’s one of the leaders trying to improve the quality of food for our children.

Jamie Oliver  From great recipes to Food Revolution inspiration, this site is packed full of good stuff!

Fed Up with School Lunch I love reading about this school teacher’s experiment where she eats the cafeteria school along with the students for a whole year.

Steamy Kitchen I can’t think of a better place to find fast, fresh and tasty meal ideas than Jaden’s collection at the Steamy Kitchen.

Whole Foods Yes, I look forward to their weekly newsletter for seasonal ideas and recipes. I know…inspiration from a market!

Gluten-Free Goddess I love Karina’s dedication and creativity that comes through her recipes.

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef Shauna’s journey is an amazing story of finding food again with Celiac disease. She shares her gluten free recipes that help her live well.

Paintchips & Cupcakes  Jodi inspires me to work on my photography (you’ll see why), spend more time in my garden, and make handmade treasures for my kids.

Parenthacks  Sometimes, parenting means hacking our way through. Thankfully, there’s a site for that.

The Family Dinner  This might be the most beautifully written “food” book I’ve come across yet. The research and thoughtfullness that Laurie David put into this book amaze me every time I pick it up.

Raise Healthy Eaters  Maryann’s posts are always full of good advice on feeding our kids in ways that will build lasting habits.

Blog for Family Dinner  This site features a collection of authors talking about the importance of family dinners.

The Lunch Tray  Bettina is working to improve school food in her community and shares her thoughts, inspiration and successes here. She’s developed a great community with lots of support, which makes the comments to her articles a great read!

Fed Up with Lunch Have you heard about Mrs Q, the school teacher who secretly ate and shared notes on the meals served at the school she taught at? She’s come out of the closet but still sharing news and muse on the pathetic state of most school lunches.


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